See Me Talk  is an easy to use app

for Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) and  the best  way to develop communication skills

for those with speech delays.

See Me Talk was designed by a Special Education teacher who has worked with children with speech delays for over 14 years. Every aspect was chosen to work with minimal visual distraction and maximum ease of use for the user or those people who support the user.  It's this easy:


  • Categories scroll across the top and are always in sight;

  • The user can drag or tap a card to add it to the sentence strip;

  • The Talk button is engaging and easy to see;

  • Industry leading voice technology, in which you can choose a male or female voice, for a more natural communicative experience.


- Easy to Communicate! -

When the Talk button is pressed the background fades away to minimize distractions and the sentence strip is prominently displayed to allow for more effective communication.  

The natural sounding voice will then say the phrase displayed.  Yes, natural!  Don't take my word for it, play the examples below to hear for yourself.

- Easy to Personalize! -

See Me Talk lets you sort the cards in each category in any way you like!  The feature is activated in the hidden settings menu so the user won't accidentally turn it on.  

- Easy to Focus! -

The Settings Menu is located under the main display to ensure the user only focuses on communicating and isn't tempted to change the settings.  Here you can customize the app to meet the specific needs of the user.

- Easy to Customize! -

See Me Talk is simple to edit to meet the needs of the user.  Simply select the function from the Settings Menu to make the changes.
For example, you can add photos you have taken or downloaded from the internet from your photo library, pinch to adjust the photo, edit, add, or delete categories or specific symbols.  Even relabel the name of the card if it isn't the word you commonly use.

- Easy to Print! -

See Me Talk allows you to print what is displayed in the sentence strip.  You now have extra flexibility to display a schedule, sentence strip, social expectations or what ever else you may need.