About See Me Talk


My name is Kevin and I am a special needs teacher at an autism specific school in Melbourne, Australia.  I have been teaching children and adolescents with autism for over 14 years and love using technology with my students, specifically the iPad.  I am very excited to help my non-verbal students use the iPad to communicate, however, I quickly noticed a problem, the most popular text to speech app, Proloquo2go, is too complicated for my students to use.  I thought communication for my students is hard enough, there has to be a better way.  Now there is!  


See Me Talk came about quite simply because Proloquo2go is too complicated for my students to use and I wanted to create an AAC app that anyone can learn to use!  I think you'll agree See Me Talk is the most engaging and easy to use AAC app on the App Store.  Try it now!


Thanks for taking the time to visit See Me Talk!